Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf

Every home can benefit from a beautiful lawn. However, homeowners in California know that water shortages can make keeping the lawn lush and green difficult. Fortunately, grass alternatives are available to suit your needs. If you are looking for a low-maintenance option that is also affordable, artificial grass (also known as synthetic turf) may be what you are looking for as the alternative.


Artificial grass has many benefits that make it an attractive choice:


Low maintenance:

It’s time to put the lawnmower away. One of the most significant benefits of artificial lawn is that there is no upkeep needed. Since the artificial turf doesn’t grow, you can save money in the long run by not having to hire a gardener to maintain it.


Drought resistant:

If you desire a green lawn all year long, look no further than artificial turf. Conserving water is essential to homeowners who care about the environment. Given Southern California’s dry spells and water shortages, choosing a drought-resistant option like a high-quality synthetic lawn can give you peace of mind as natural grasses are not appropriate for our local climate. A primary reason that artificial turf is gaining popularity in Southern California is that it does not need to be watered using a costly sprinkler system like traditional grass. With fake grass, you will never have to look out onto a brown, dry, and bare lawn ever again.


Unparalleled beauty:

Imagine stepping onto a lawn that is lush and green year-round. No matter the climate, faux sod prevents your garden from looking dull or bare during droughts. Today’s faux grasses are made from high-quality materials that far exceed the fake grass and Astroturf of the past. Prime Gardens has a beautiful selection of synthetic turf to choose from.



Pet turf is great for families with dogs. Suitable options for dogs mean that you don’t have to deal with paw prints throughout your house. Pets often relieve themselves in the same spot time and again. Pet Urine can cause embarrassing yellow patches and bare spots on your lawn. If you have multiple pets, the problem only gets worse. That all changes when you choose to install pet synthetic grass. Choosing pet grass means there will be no bald spots or dead grass, causing an eyesore on your lawn. We offer durable dog run turf and dog run grass so that your family can enjoy a pristine lawn, regardless of how many pets you have.



Say goodbye to muddy feet and grass stains on your child’s knees. Synthetic turf is an excellent choice for play areas. Sand can be messy, and wood chips are a choking hazard. Not to mention, wood chips may contain hazardous chemicals. Fake grass is an excellent option for children of all ages. Let your kids roam free safely, without damaging your lawn.


Ideal for putting green:

Keep your golf game in tip-top shape from the comfort and privacy of home with premium synthetic grass. Perfecting your swing is easy when the grass height is just right. We have the perfect putting green for every type of lawn. Even backyards with slopes and hills are no problem. Our professional artificial turf installation team will lay the putting green properly to ensure it stays put without shifting.


Prime Gardens has premium artificial turf that can beautify your lawn with ease. Best of all, faux grass can last up to 20 years while resisting fading and water damage.

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