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Fences define your property and add security and beauty so you can enjoy your yard or garden with peace of mind. For homeowners who would like to make theirhome more private, a custom fence is a great solution. Fences help keep pets and children secure while adding curb appeal to your home. They are also a great way to increase property value.

We offer a variety of materials like Redwood, Cedar, IPE, Vinyl, Steel as well as many styles and patterns to suit the style of your homes like Dog-ear, Tongue & Groove, Horizontal, Craftsman, and Picket. 

Designing your new fence with a fence contractor can be confusing but not with Prime Gardens fence design and build process. There are many types of front yard fences and side yard fences to fit your property. To help make the decision easier, our team will meet with you to discuss budget and preferences before presenting materials and finishes to choose from.

Paint, Stain, & Sealing

Sealing your new fence from the elements is essential to protect your investment. We at Prime Gardens use high-quality sealants to ensure you get the most value for your dollar. When appropriately sealed along with a frame made using Pressure-treated wood, which resists moisture, insects, decay, and mold, wood fences typically last ten years or even more based on the type of wood chosen. The more resilient the lumber, the more costly. However, it is worth the investment since there are less maintenance and repair needed for premium woods. Regardless of your budget, we have a wood species to suit your taste and budget. These are some of the most popular fencing materials:

Redwood fences:

With renowned durability and a beautiful appearance, redwood is a classic choice for backyard fencing. It is naturally resistant to rot and decay and makes a fair statement for many California homes.

 IPE fences:

Pronounced ee-pay, IPE fences lend an exotic look that is perfect for modern homes. It is also known as Brazilian walnut, and it is exceptionally strong — even stronger than cedar.

Douglas fir fences:

One of the most affordable and widely available woods, Douglas fir is the right choice for homeowners who wish to secure their property without spending a lot. Douglas fir is a softwood. While it is firm, it is less resistant to dings, dents, and scratches than other woods.

Cedar fences:

Cedar is more weather-resistant than many other types of wood, so it is no surprise that many homeowners choose it. Cedar stands up to the elements so you can enjoy your fence for many years without needing to repair or replace it.


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