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Prime Gardens is the yard irrigation professional for all your landscape needs. We design and install complete irrigation systems to keep lawns, shrubs, flowers, and trees healthy and beautiful. Large lawns and gardens need proper irrigation to thrive. Even smaller properties benefit from a properly designed and efficient irrigation system.

Water conservation is essential to homeowners in Los Angeles. Due to water shortages, there are local restrictions on how much water may be used. Given these water limits, the landscape watering system must operate at maximum efficiency. Conserving water is not just right for the environment. A well-designed landscape irrigation system saves homeowners money.

We also offer sprinkler system retrofitting and renovation. Our irrigation technicians are up to date on both new and old sprinkler technology so we can quickly bring existing sprinkler systems up to date or convert them to high-efficiency drip systems.

Replacing sprinkler systems is a good investment since older systems tend to waste away water and money. The older the system, the more frequently repairs are needed. Replacing irrigation systems reduce water usage and give you peace of mind by avoiding water damage to your house. Upgrading to a modern sprinkler system can increase water savings by up to 75% long term.

Drip irrigation systems allow water to drip slowly to plant roots, either above or just below the soil’s surface. It is one of the most efficient ways to water plant beds, gardens, and other non-grass areas. Adding it to your garden can result in substantial savings. We have a variety of spot watering devices to suit every landscape. We take rainfall and plant species into account to determine the right drip devices and water volume. You can rest easy knowing plants will be given what they precisely need to flourish.

Prime Gardens’ irrigation services include:
  • Drip systems
  • Irrigation retrofitting & renovation
  • Drought-tolerant irrigation
  • Irrigation & rain sensors
  • And more

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