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Make your home a true suburban paradise with our vast selection of sodding and ground cover options. Prime Gardens offers complete landscaping services, and it all starts with blanketing the lawn with lush grass or ground cover. This is one of the fastest ways to upgrade the property, increase curb appeal, and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Prime Gardens is a professional lawn installation company that specializes in creating the gardens of your dreams. We offer a variety of grass and ground covers to suit every preference and conditions. We provide traditional sod installation, ground cover planting, ground cover for slope or hillsides, and drought-tolerant grass to turn your lawn into a verdant oasis.

Not only do we install sod, but Prime Gardens is also a lawn replacement professional. Our sod replacement service is a quick and easy way to renew lawns and gardens of all sizes. Removing old weed-infested sod that has seen better days is a great way to upgrade the property and increase home value. If you are tired of looking out the window onto dead, dry grass, this is the service for you.

Upgrading the lawn to fresh, green grass improves the quality of life in many ways. Installing new sod gives homeowners a sense of pride in their property. It revives the outdoor living space and gives the kids a place to play. All your neighbors will be thrilled to see the transformation, as will you.

Is your home on a hill? Ground cover is perfect for that. Hillside homes make having a lawn difficult. Low-lying plants add beauty to the property while cutting down on yard work. If you are tired of mowing the lawn or want to reduce yard maintenance costs, ground cover is the way to go.

Climate and sustainability are essential when it comes to choosing your new lawn or ground cover. To reduce water use, we recommend drought-resistant grass and ground cover. Not only is it good for the environment, but it helps homeowners stay in compliance with local water restrictions. Homeowners will enjoy a substantial reduction in water bills and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are doing your part to reduce water waste.

Additionally, many types of ground covers are suitable for poor soil conditions — a problem many Los Angeles area homeowners face. Drought-resistant ground covers also conserve water, making it ideal for Southern California’s dry climate. Dymondia, Star Jasmine, Ice Plant, and many creeping plants are just some of the beautiful choices that are available.

Call us today to learn more about our services. Prime Gardens also offers landscape maintenance and energy-efficient irrigation systems for all types of sod and ground covers we install.

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Our Sodding & Ground Cover Services Include:

At Prime Gardens, our quality promise is set in stone. We are so confident that you will be delighted with our high-end workmanship that we guarantee our work for all completed projects
  • 1. Sod Installation
  • 2. Ground Cover Installation
  • 3. Gravel & Pebbles
  • 4. Mulching


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"To say Prime Gardens surpassed all expectations is an understatement. The deck PG designed and built for our daughter, landscaping it as well, was more beautiful than our imaginations ever considered. Ali and Sina, co-owners of PG, and their dedicated crew [led by Juan, who worked tirelessly to bring the plans to reality], were incredible to work with. They took any change order in stride. [There weren't many but at least one or two crop up on a job of this size.] They were extremely easy to work with. And Ali, the designer, took my daughter's ideas, and fashioned them into something concrete. That takes someone with vision - something not everyone has."
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"Ali and Sina are great to work with. They show a great passion and excitement for what they do. It was no problem when we needed additional work to be done and they were able to accommodate into the work schedule easily. Ali also found a creative solution to help save us money. I would 100% recommend Ali and Sina to anyone."
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"We could not be happier with our new back yard! We had talked to several companies, and Prime Gardens was the most creative, flexible and able to work within our budget. They worked up a design that had everything we needed for entertaining and lounging."

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