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For all your outdoor maintenance needs, look no further than Prime Gardens. We are committed to ensuring all outdoor features live up to their original functionality and beauty. If paths, driveways, patio, pool deck, pet turf, outdoor kitchen, irrigation system, or fences needs repair, we can help.

  • Pool deck maintenance: Maintaining pool decks in good working order is vital for the safety of your family and guests. Worn areas, cracks, and damage should be replaced promptly to prevent injury, especially since going barefoot is the norm. Prime Gardens decking specialists replace and repair deck pavers, concrete pool decks, and pool coping to give homeowners peace of mind.
  • Flagstone maintenance: Flagstone decks and driveways are built to last. While they resist fading and cracks well, aging, tree roots, and cracks can occur. Part of the appeal is the simplicity of removing damaged sections and replacing it with new flagstone. Extend the lifespan of your investment with regular natural stone maintenance from Prime Gardens.
  • Garden feature maintenance: We offer pergola maintenance service, patio cover maintenance, arbor maintenance, and more. Our team inspects for rot, worn areas, and insect damage, and will repair or replace as needed so you can enjoy relaxing in your garden once again.
  • Paver maintenance: Pavers may need replacing over the years. Brick and interlocking pavers can be repaired in sections, making it an attractive choice for homeowners wishing to reduce maintenance costs. We inspect and fix driveway pavers, pathway pavers, and pool deck pavers to keep your property in tip-top shape all year round.
  • Concrete maintenance: Concrete is tough, but occasional cracks do happen. Aging, weather, and tree roots can all cause damage to concrete. Prime Gardens offers concrete maintenance, demolition, refurbishment, and repair for homes that need it. Re-staining and annual concrete sealing increase the lifespan of driveways, decks, and pathways for years to come.
  • Irrigation system maintenance: Maintaining irrigation systems is essential for meeting California’s water restriction requirements. Leaky sprinkler repair is necessary to conserve water. Sensors and heads are inspected for damage and replaced if needed. Regular upkeep ensures the sprinkler system functions as it should.
  • Artificial or synthetic turf maintenance: Not only do we install faux grass, but we also offer pet turf maintenance. Pet turf lasts for many years. If your pet turf is reaching the end of its life expectancy, we can help. Prime Gardens turf experts can remove and install pet turf, putting greens, play areas, and dog run grass for you.
  • Gate & fence maintenance: Keep your fence looking as good as the day it was installed. Our gate and fence installation professionals are committed to keeping fences in good working order. We inspect for rot and insect damage, and repair areas that need replacing. This is especially important for homes with small children and pets.
  • Deck maintenance: As the heart of the backyard, decks deserve special attention. Sun exposure, water damage, leaks, insects, and aging can take a toll over the years. Our deck maintenance experts draw on years of experience to repair and replace wood and composite decking of all kinds.
  • BBQ kitchen maintenance: Outdoor kitchen maintenance makes enjoying the grill or patio effortless. We inspect, repair, and clean all cabinetry and appliances on an ongoing basis, so you have access to everything needed to host your next dinner.
  • Driveway and pathway maintenance: Home safety is paramount for the well being of family members and guests. Keeping paths in good shape can prevent injury. Driveways also need regular upkeep to stay looking beautiful. We inspect and maintain pathways and driveways, repair cracks and worn areas, and ensure your property looks immaculate.

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