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Prime Gardens designs and installs all kinds of garden and or side yard pathways and walkways to welcome you home. Adding these features to the lawn offers a convenience factor that all homeowners appreciate.

Pathways and walkways make it much easier for you and your guests to access your home or backyard. Garden paths signal the entry to the garden or backyard gate and aside functionality; pathways add curb appeal and value to your home. Prime Gardens Inc is your trusted local pathway contractor.

Keep the lawn looking immaculate by installing garden paths on the property. Garden paths not only look attractive and add character, but they also help direct traffic. No one wants a trampled lawn, after all — especially if you recently invested money in new sod installation. Yard walkways help accomplish that with ease.

No home is complete without a beautiful front yard path paving the way to the front door or porch. We have all kinds of interlocking pavers, concrete, and natural stone to choose from. The colors and patterns are endless and will be customized to your exact specifications.

Prime Gardens installs a wide selection of decorative walkways materials, including:

Interlocking Pavers: Attractive, timeless, and easy to repair or replace. There are many colors and patterns to choose from and this is a quality investment that dramatically enhances the beauty and value of every home. Maintenance needs are minimal, as pavers are durable and made to withstand years of use.

Flagstone pathways: Natural stone walkways are perfect for incorporating nature into hardscape design. Walkway steppingstones are beautiful and unique. Homeowners love the hues found in a natural stone pathway, and the best part is that natural stone retains its color over time. We have a variety of flagstone walkways for you to choose from in many elegant and modern earth tones. Find out about outdoor steppingstones by contacting Prime Gardens for more information.

Concrete: If you aren’t interested in a steppingstone path, then a modern concrete walkway is an excellent choice. Decorative concrete walkways can be stained or stamped for added customization.

At Prime Gardens, we aim to please. If your existing pathways are not up to your satisfaction, or if you wish to install a new pathway, a phone call to us is the first step.

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Our Pathway & Walkway Installation Services Include:

At Prime Gardens, our quality promise is set in stone. We are so confident that you will be delighted with our high-end workmanship that we guarantee our work for all completed projects


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