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A pergola is a patio structure with either an open or covered roof. It is supported by posts or columns, and the sides are usually open, allowing the breeze to pass through. Wooden pergolas are an attractive solution for patios or walkway, creating a welcoming shaded oasis in your garden.

If you are looking for a trellis covered patio, a pergola may be the answer. Patio shade structures allow you to relax outdoors comfortably, even in the summer heat. On the hottest days, an outdoor patio structure is a welcome relief from the sun. Having access to pergola shade allows your family to enjoy outdoor living in comfort, safe from harmful UV rays. Convertible trellis construction gives you the flexibility to leave the patio open or covered, depending on your preference.

The functionality of outdoor covered pergolas is limitless. Wood patio shade structures not only protect your family from the sun, but they provide privacy as well. A pergola creates the perfect atmosphere for reading and relaxing or entertaining friends. Outdoor garden structures increase property value, too. Pergolas are also a great way to lead guests from your pool, hot tub or tennis court to your barbecue pit or outdoor dining area. Our trellis experts will make the transition seamless.

Whether you desire a shaded patio or seating area, our custom pergolas are built to last. Pergola construction is best left to professional builders to ensure your family’s safety. Our pergola experts can build custom pergola patio covers and convertible trellises to suit your budget and style. Convertible pergola designs are the right choice for homeowners who wish to have the patio trellis covered only part of the year. With many years of experience in pergola and trellis construction, our team will design and build the pergola of your dreams.

We have wood patio shade structures of all kinds, but you may also choose metal or a combination of the two. Canvas tops may also be added to shield from the elements. Cloth shades vary in thickness, allowing you to control how much sunlight passes through. Keep in mind an open roof allows air to pass through, and thus may be cooler than some covered pergolas.

Small pergolas can act as garden accents or add visual appeal to empty spaces on the property. Large pergolas are great for seating areas and entertaining.

Pergolas and patio covers are terms that may be used interchangeably, but a patio cover isn’t freestanding like most pergolas. While pergolas can be attached to the home’s exterior, they are usually freestanding structures. Unlike patio covers, a freestanding pergola is a versatile solution for homeowners who do not want to make permanent additions to their home in order to enjoy a covered patio.

No matter which style and design you choose, the pergola should complement the style of the home. The size of the pergola also matters, depending on the space available in the yard. Proportions make a big difference to how cozy or open the pergola feels inside. Our team will work with you to ensure your vision comes to life and everything looks perfect when construction is finished.

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The following are some of the pergola structures we specialize in:

At Prime, our quality promise is set in stone. We are so confident that you will be delighted with our high-end workmanship that we guarantee our work for all completed projects.
  • 1. Custom Redwood
  • 2. Traditional Douglas Fir
  • 3. Engineered Steel
  • 4. Vinyl


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